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Part of the Agency for Military Equipment and Technologies, the Research Center for Scientific Research in Constanta Navy conducts research and development activities (construction and modernization of warships, naval systems and equipment, automation on ships board etc.), testing and evaluation (new equipment and modernization, state of hull and marine structure, etc.) and technical naval certification for warships and naval engineering.

Initial situation

The need to improve the air filtration system installed on the warships.

Proposed solutions

Following detailed analysis of filters used and the conditions on ships, Eversted experts recommend filtering solution in two steps: coarse filtration with the help of plane filter with granulated active carbon and ultra fine filtration (for particles smaller than 0, 3 mm) using ULPA filter.


After testing and homologation each type of proposed filter and supplied by Eversted, the performance of the products was confirmed. In this way it was improved the air filtration system on battleships.

Used products

  • Plane filter with active carbon
  • ULPA filters

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