Company profile

One of the major automotive companies in Romania.

Initial situation

Malfunctioning of air filters used in a dry separator type TR.The company used cylindrical filters, M5 class filtration (according to EN 779:2012) for coarse filtration and HEPA filters, H13 class filtration (according to ISO 1822).

Used products

  • Cylindrical filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Filtering material impregnated with active carbon

Proposed solutions

After auditing space and analyzing the specifications of use and maintenance of the equipment, Eversted team noticed the cause of the problem.Due to cylindrical filters with paper cellulose (as filtering material) being used as pre-filters, not retaining totally the volatile substances such as water vapor and oil, they came into contact with microfiber paper glass of HEPA filters, which was damaging in time (breaking).

The proposed solution was to use a barrier material impregnated with active carbon on the air inlet in HEPA filter, in order to retain volatile compounds passing the cylindrical filters.


Implementing the solution that we proposed eliminated the functioning problems of the air filters from the installations.

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