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The First Line of Defense

against Air Impurities

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Products Proudly

Manufactured in Romania

The sole manufacturer of air filters in the country

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30 Years of Industry


From the first manufacturing facility, to the latest technological lines

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Filtre Aer Curat

Rebrands as Eversted

Brand new name and image

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Uncompromising Quality.

Best Certifications

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Last Projects

Automotive engineering company

After auditing space and analyzing the specifications of use and maintenance of the equipment, Eversted team noticed the cause of the problem.Due to...

Scientific research center for Naval Forces in Constanta

Following detailed analysis of filters used and the conditions on ships, Eversted experts recommend filtering solution in two steps: coarse...

RA TEN Nuclear Research Center

For specific customer requirements, we recommended to use a fully equipped caisson with grills for uniform air flow, equipped with stub connections....


After the field analyses, both spaces and existing installations, Eversted specialists have made the following recommendations: Coarse filter...

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Filters testing

When people’s quality of life is directly depending on air purity, you need certainty on the performance of chosen solutions. Our testing and...

Consultanta pentru montaj

Functioning at optimum parameters of ventilation and air conditioning installations is essential for ensuring the purity of air you need regardless...

Consulting for transport, handling and storage

Efficient filtering solutions implemented depend on the quality of the air filters chosen and their functioning to the best standards. And this can...

Design and consulting

Design and consulting service is well-thought-out especially for customers who need to make changes on their own ventilation and air conditioning...

Last news

20.000 HEPA and ULPA filters per year for ultrafine filtration

20,000 pcs of HEPA and ULPA filters for ultra-fine filtration can be produced annually in Eversted plant. Among the most efficient filters category,...

Eversted ensure air purity on warships

Eversted, leader in the production of air filters, becomes supplier of air filters for one of the Romanian warships – Maritime Dragon DM30....

Eversted open a new production unit

Eversted, the leader in air filtration solutions in Romania, announces the opening of a new production unit starting with 2017. The production unit...

Over 30 years of certified performance

Eversted is the first and unique local manufacturer of air filters. We started in the early 80’s, a department “unique small...

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