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Coarse filtration

The products covered in this range can be used to seal the ventilation and air conditioning systems, pre-filter in air purification systems or in combination with bag filters and HEPA filters. Filtrat…

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Fine filtration

Available in a variety of sizes and features, products in this range are not lacking in any system of ventilation and air conditioning and can be used either as a single filtration stage or in success…

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Ultrafine filtration

Disposable products, with the highest filtration efficiency, HEPA and ULPA filters are used for filtering sub-micron particles, suspended in the air (viruses or laboratory radioactive aerosols). The e…

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Gas filtration

Equipped with active carbon filter media, products in this range are ideal for spaces where air purification involves the absorption of toxic gases, odors and harmful particles. The filter material us…

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HVAC installation components

The experience gained so far has allowed us to develop a series of related products to filtration segment, which will help improve HVAC installations. The components of this range are made from galvan…

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