Company profile

Part of the Autonomous Technologies for Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Research Center is responsible for scientific research, design, technical engineering and scientific and technical responsibility for development of nuclear energy in Romania.

Initial situation

Nuclear Research Center came up with a specific requirement regarding the addition of a sealed caisson with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter for completing the ventilation installation. Installation features: max airflow 500 m³ / h and the possibility of recording leaks of organic volatile compounds.

Proposed solutions

For specific customer requirements, we recommended to use a fully equipped caisson with grills for uniform air flow, equipped with stub connections. Subsequently, we produced filters with granular activated carbon to retain any leaks of organic volatile compounds and HEPA filters, filtration class H14 for ultrafine filtration.


Proposed solution responded to the needs of the client regarding functioning at the best parameters of the installation.

Used products

  • Filters with granulated active carbon
  • HEPA filters, filtration class H14.

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