Company profile

One of the most important hotels in Romania, part of an international network.

Initial situation

The desire to improve indoor air quality by using air filters from high class filtration that simultaneously fulfills two conditions: to fit within the maximum differential pressure in the system and will not require changes in the installation construction.

Ventilation and air conditioning installation was working with plane pleated filters, G3 filtration class (EN 779: 2012) for coarse filtration and bag filters, M6 filtration class (EN 779: 2012) for fine filtration.

Proposed solutions

After the field analyses, both spaces and existing installations, Eversted specialists have made the following recommendations:

  • Coarse filter replacement, G4 filtration class with bag filters, M5 filtration class (EN 779: 2012) due M5 filter material that contains a pre-filter that provides along with filters G3 filtration class, coarse filtration.
  • Fine filters replacement, M6 filtration class (EN 779: 2012) with filters compact, F8 filtration class (EN 779: 2012) because, besides a more efficient filtration allows passing a higher air flow than bag filters, M6 filtration class.

Next step was delivering the recommended products.


The successful implementation of the proposed solution in the restrictions required by the ventilation and air conditioning system and meeting air purity standards inside the hotel.

Used products:

  • Bag filters, M5 filtration class
  • Compact filters, F8 filtration class

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