Eversted, leader in the production of air filters, becomes supplier of air filters for one of the Romanian warships – Maritime Dragon DM30. Following detailed analysis of filters and conditions previously used on ships, the Eversted’ experts recommend filtering solution in two steps: coarse filtration with the help of plane filter with granulated active carbon and ultra-fine filtration using ULPA filter.

“We are delighted by this partnership as Eversted is a 100% Romanian business, which prides itself on its origins and is keen to promote products manufactured in Romania.

The solutions recommended by our specialists will ensure the good functioning of the ship, as well as the welfare of the military personnel working on the ship during the exercises.

The quality of the air will always be our priority, regardless the space we are talking about. “- Vasile Ene, General Director.

With over 30 years of experience in air filters production, Eversted is the industry leader in Romania and a major player in the South Eastern Europe. Previously called Filtre Aer Curat, Eversted offers a wide range of solutions for coarse filtration, fine and ultrafine filtration and additional related services, guaranteed by a longstanding expertise in the industry.

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