Eversted is the first and unique local manufacturer of air filters. We started in the early 80’s, a department “unique small industries”, as attested by a newspaper article published on 18.09.1984. A bold idea of a respected Romanian Scientist, who chose to change the destination for unused buildings of an agricultural department into a small manufacture plant for aero-technic filters at “the highest technical level.”

Shortly after production set up, the brand “Filto Romania”, named after the first letters of the words “filters” and “Tohani” (as shown in the article) has become the preferred supplier for the  enterprises and research and engineering institutes across the country (Bucharest, Iasi Timisoara  so on) due to its superior quality.

Performance of our filters was recognized in the medical sector, “white mask on the face surgeons can be one of the 20,000 masks produced annually in the Prahova village”. Other items highlighted by the article were the quality of the specialists’ team, the expertise of this team who has developed entire technology used in the manufacture plant purely “based on their conception”.

Over more than 30-years of history there were a lot of changes in the company: the teams enlarged, production lines have been improved, as well as production capacity. In 2016 we went through a rebranding process, a new name and a fresh identity. What remains, however, constant is our dedication to produce with pride and responsibility, the most performant air filters.


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