Following a rebranding process which started in 2016, Filtre Aer Curat becomes Eversted, the defender of air purity. A new name, a new motto – Long life to air purity, and a fresh brand identity to better reflect the quality of its services and products. However, the team and their commitment to provide the best solutions for air filtration remain unchanged.

Filtre Aer Curat has a history of over 30 years in offering air filtration solutions and experts who are getting up to speed on the last industry’s trends.

The rebranding decision came naturally, as a milestone in our evolution.

Eversted is an industry leader in air filtration solutions, the only local player, and a provider of the highest quality products. Our aim was to have all this reflected in the new image of the company.

The change process consisted in changing the name, finding a new brand identity, improving the presentation of all our products and a new company website. The legal entity’s details and team of professionals who are working to develop filtration solutions remain unchanged.

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