20,000 pcs of HEPA and ULPA filters for ultra-fine filtration can be produced annually in Eversted plant. Among the most efficient filters category, HEPA and ULPA filters can be used to remove sub-micron particles from the air, as well as laboratory viruses, mold, bacteria, etc. These type pf products are most often used in environments that require a high level of air purity as hospitals, medical laboratories, factories drug and activity radioactive environments.

“We always come to support our customers with the best air filtration solutions. In addition to the experience gained by our specialists we add modern technological production lines to be able to always deliver efficient air filtration solutions. Moreover, the existing technological lines can produce up to 60.000 pcs  bag filters and 120.000 pcs pleated filters per year. As per the new strategy, the company expects a production capacity increase in the coming period, due to more efficient internal work processes” – Vasile Ene, Director General

Eversted has approximately 50 permanent employees and the latest 3 technological lines for the production of air filters: KL-970 for bag filters, Z-line for plane and pleated filters and Minipleat for HEPA and ULPA filters.

With over 30 years of history in manufacture of air filters, Eversted is the industry leader in Romania and a major player in South-Est of Europe. Formerly called Clean Air Filters, Eversted offers a wide range of solutions for coarse filtration, fine and ultra-fine air filtration and related services, backed by a longstanding expertise in the industry. Eversted is the air purification partner for many companies in different spheres of activity: real estate, industrial, energy, agriculture, SPA`s and pharmaceutical industry.

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