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Real estate industry

When the comfort of interiors is the main differentiator in the industry, any element that increases the satisfaction of the guests is crucial. In the…

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Industrial sector

The food industry is very strict when it comes to the production conditions and implicitly when choosing a solution provider, regardless of the profil…

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Medical & farma industry

Medicine plants are among the most demanding locations on the air purity, due to very high impact that air contamination can have on the quality of th…

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Energy industry

Regardless the power plant type, the companies in this industry need specific air filtration solutions that provides an optimal environment for functi…

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The main challenge of this industry is to ensure maximum comfort for its guests, by maintaining a clean and pure air. The large number of visitors and…

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Besides ensuring an optimum microclimate for poultry in the required parameters, companies from this industry must control the level of air pollution…

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