Requirements: Having a clean air is so vital when we speak about any patient treated in any hospital or facility care, especially in operating theaters or intensive care rooms (where the level of air purity must be the highest). Besides ensuring the best conditions for patients recovery together with a safe working environment for medical staff and visitors, hospital units should avoid spreading germs or harmful airborne particles. To achieve a healthy and conducive environment recovery, the holspitals units must implement the best air filtration solutions.


To use with: plane filters, plane pleated filters, fine filters, ultrafine filters.


  • Emergency Clinical Hospital Sf. Pantelimon
  • Coltea Clinical Hospital
  • Lotus Hospital
  • Zalau County Hospital
  • Medlife
  • Medicover
  • Ovidius Clinical Hospital
  • Polisano Clinic
  • Monza Clinic

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