Fine filtration

Available in a variety of sizes and features, products in this range are not lacking in any system of ventilation and air conditioning and can be used either as a single filtration stage or in succession with other bags or HEPA filters. According to standard EN 779: 2012, products in this range covers the following classes of filtration efficiency: G2 and G3 (plane filters), M5, M6, F7, F8 and F9 (pleated plane filters), M5, M6, F8 and F9 (for bag filters)

Plane filters

Available in a variety of shapes, the plane filters are ideal as pre-filters for ventilation and air conditioning installations in housing and social spaces. With a high level of efficiency, the plane filters can provide clean air, regardless of the …

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Pleated plane filters

Essential to any ventilation and air conditioning system of housing and social spaces, the plane pleated filters provide a higher level of air purity when used in series with bag filters or HEPA filters. Products efficiency is ensured by the producti…

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Bag filters

Efficient both for coarse filtration and in the finest filtration in combination with other types of filters, the bag filters are used for spaces where dust pollution is very high due to extended capacity retention. The assembling with special hydrau…

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Compact filters

Ensuring an effective filtration, the compact filters are ideal for commercial, residential spaces and pharmacy industry. Available in three and four V-shape the compact filters have PVC or galvanized steel frames that increase strength and make them…

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