About us

The First Line of Defense against Air Impurities

We believe that the air we breathe has a major impact on the quality of our everyday life. We will have a healthier, happier and more prosperous life as long as we can inhale clean and pure air within the enclosed spaces we are living in (home, office space, leisure time spaces, etc.)

That is why Eversted has taken over the mission to be the first line of defense when it comes to air purity, for all the closed spaces people are living, working or spending quality time in. We have been doing this for the past 30 years and we will continue to do so. Our portfolio includes complete solutions for air filtration, from coarse and fine dust filtration, to gas, micro particles filtration and HVAC installation parts. In addition, our team of specialists provides professional consultancy services in air filtration.

“Long live air purity” is the promise we make every day, when it comes to our work, our partners and our clients. We want to provide solutions that ensure the highest level of air purity constantly, so that everybody can breathe a fresh and healthy air.  


Our history starts with the production of air filters in Romania, when in 1982 the first air filters production unit was founded at Gura Vadului, Prahova County. It was the first one in the country and it remained so until today.

We grew step by step, we have extended our products portfolio, we have invested in our production lines and we have constantly improved the performance of our products and services.

Some of the most important moments in our history are as follows:

  • 1982 – The foundation of the first manufacturing plant for air filters in Romania located at Gura Vadului, Prahova County
  • 1990 – Technology development and reorganization of production plant
  • 1991 – Filto Company takes over the production plant and continues refurbishment process
  • 2001 – Rebranding of the manufacturing plant under the name “Filtre Aer Curat”
  • 2004 – The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification obtained
  • 2004 – Radiological Safety Licensing for air filters production within nuclear power industry
  • 2005 – Testing Laboratory Certification obtained for air filters according to ISO 17025:2001
  • 2007 – New technology line for manufacturing bag filters
  • 2007 – State Authorization for providing services for HVAC systems within nuclear power industry
  • 2008 – The first technological line for pleating
  • 2010 – The first technological line for HEPA and ULPA filters
  • 2010 – The ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System Certificate obtained
  • 2015 – Implementation of testing system by scanning for HEPA and ULPA filters
  • 2015 – Quality Management System Certification obtained within the nuclear power industry
  • 2016 – “Filtre Aer Curat” rebrands as “Eversted”

Products Proudly Manufactured in Romania

We believe in the power of the Romanian entrepreneurial business and in the quality of the products manufactured with responsibility in Romania. We are proud to be the sole Romanian manufacturer of air filters and a 100% Romanian business.

The expertise gained in over 30 years of production, the dedication of our team of specialists and our constant efforts of making qualitative products (from raw materials, to manufacturing process) help us deliver best in class air filtration solutions. We want locally manufactured products to be appreciated internationally. That is why we promote the quality of the products made in Romania with our complete solutions portfolio.

Certification and accreditation

We believe in a job well done. We are dedicated to our work because we know that people’s lives depend on it when they breathe the air that circulates through our filters. The certifications we have obtained validate the quality of the products and the services we offer.

Over time, we have obtained the following certifications and accreditations:

  • Authorization for Quality Management System in Nuclear Activity, no. 15-035/22.10.2015, valid until 21.10.2017
  • Authorization for the development of activities in the nuclear sector, no. HB 03/29.09.2014, valid until 28.09.2019
  • ISO 14001:2005 Certification, issued at 11.10.2010, and recertified at 10.10.2013, valid until 10.10.2016
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification, issued at 16.10.2004, and recertified at 10.10.2016, valid until 10.10.2016