Medical & farma industry

Medicine factories

Requirements: Medicine plants are among the most demanding locations on the air purity, due to very high impact that air contamination can have on the quality of the pharmaceutical products. In addition, majority of the production processes are emitted into the air various harmful substances that can harm workers inside the factory or the environment. Therefore we have chosen the most advanced filtration solutions that can ensure a clean and healthy air.

To use with: plane filters, pleane pleated filters, fine filters, ultrafine filters.

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Research and medical tests laboratories

Requirements: Specific to these units, the quality of its results obtained from research and development is directly affected by the level of air purity. The existence of impurities in the air can impact the accuracy and correctness of the results. The challenge of this industry is to find the right solutions for air filtration that meets its specific requirements.

To use with: plane filters, plane pleated filters, fine filters, ultrafine filters.

References: Petru Poni Research Institute – Iasi, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Biology Institute, Edas, Biosintex, Bioeel Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health Bioeel, Hives, etc.


Requirements: Having a clean air is so vital when we speak about any patient treated in any hospital or facility care, especially in operating theaters or intensive care rooms (where the level of air purity must be the highest). Besides ensuring the best conditions for patients recovery together with a safe working environment for medical staff and visitors, hospital units should avoid spreading germs or harmful airborne particles. To achieve a healthy and conducive environment recovery, the holspitals units must implement the best air filtration solutions.

To use with: plane filters, plane pleated filters, fine filters, ultrafine filters.

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